Monday, October 10th, 2011 22:11 PM Posted by Webmaster

About Cafetrend

Cafetrend , why a holding page?

This domain was originally intended for use with a businness that never got off the ground and subsequently became a testing ground for other websites I have developed over the years.

I design websites in my spare time ( which I do not have a lot of ), generally for people I know personally.

Every one of the sites featured on the holding page were individually designed to fit the clients requirements and some have undergone several major changes over the years as web technology has advanced.

Do you like the look of of one of my sites and want to use some of the features?
Then please feel free to do so, any code featured has been based on open source css or php. Google is always your friend on these subjects and everything you need to know is only a few clicks away.

Don`t know how to make a website and want my help?
I never say never, and although I have not previously set up a website for someone I do not know, that does not mean I will not do so for you. You can always try contacting me, the worst case scenario is that you don`t get a response ( due to my real job ), best case is I say yes.

What if I do say "yes", what would I charge?
Good question - this would all depend on what you wanted, how much time I had to spend on the project and how much support you required.

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